In 1988, two companies were founded that would become Integrated Conservation Resources, Inc. (ICR) and Integrated Conservation Contracting, Inc. (ICC). And, since that time, the ICR-ICC team has been at the forefront of the industry’s exciting developments in the analysis and preservation of historic structures.

With common ownership and philosophies, ICR and ICC form a team of professionally trained conservators, scientists, craftspeople and project managers dedicated to the restoration and conservation of historic structures. Three principles guide our approach:


1. To retain original materials where possible.
2. To develop and/or execute conservation programs that are physically and esthetically compatible with the materials being addressed.
3. To respect the original esthetic intentions of the designer and/or craftspeople.


Our expertise in combining the philosophy and theory of historic preservation with superior conservation implementation sets us apart from all the others in the field.  With our commitment to our trade, we help ensure that the goals established by ICR and other designers in the field are achieved in a practical, cost effective manner.  Our contracting implementation results in a mechanically and aesthetically superior work on historic structures and monuments.  Our team consists of craftspeople, construction executives and project managers.  ICC can also conduct mock-ups, prepare cost estimates, and review restoration projects.

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