Glenn Boornazian – President and Principal Conservator

Glenn Boornazian brings credentials, experience and vision to the architectural conservation field. In 1988, recognizing that the market for historic preservation services was highly fragmented, he started what would become Integrated Conservation Resources, Inc. (ICR) and Integrated Conservation Contracting, Inc. (ICC), in order to combine investigative architectural conservation services with high-quality conservation and restoration contracting. Today, as President of ICR and ICC, Glenn draws on his extensive knowledge of building materials conservation to provide technical services for historic buildings and monuments. His expertise includes specialized conditions investigation, materials testing, analysis and assessment, and the implementation of treatment recommendations. After studying at Columbia University’s Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, Glenn served as Staff Conservator for the Center for Preservation Research at Columbia University, and Director of Restoration for the Nantucket (Massachusetts) Historical Association.  He was an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University’s Graduate Program in Historic Preservation from 1996 to 2002, and speaks widely on historic preservation. Currently, Glenn serves on the boards of the Historic House Trust, Fort Tryon Park Trust, and Preservation Institute of Nantucket.


Themis Tavares – Project Manager

Themis Tavares is an architect who studied from Santa Ursala University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After graduation, she worked as a design architect for a large construction company and then as a project manager and cost estimator for an engineering firm. Themis is ICC’s Project Manager, providing quality control, day-to-day project coordination, and management services.


Sohanlal Ragoonanan (Ragoo) – Construction Executive

Ragoo is a masonry craftsman with over thirty years of experience. As a young man, Ragoo learned the trade from his father, who owned a construction company in Trinidad and Tobago. The company implemented construction projects with traditional materials and methods. Ragoo’s experience and dedication to the fine points of his trade, combined with the specific needs of architectural conservation treatment programs, has allowed him to implement work of the highest standard, and to train others to do so as well. Ragoo has worked with ICC for over twenty years, honing his skills as a craftsman and incorporating historic preservation philosophy and theory into the context of his work. As construction foreman, he is responsible for the overall quality of workmanship, for coordination of implementation, materials and equipment, and for the management of his crew.