ICC provides, with its own crew and management personnel, a full range of specialized conservation contracting services for historic structures. As conservation contractors who understand the theory and practice of historic preservation (and especially the aging and repair of building materials), we are able to implement and manage projects efficiently and to address anomalies as they arise. ICC ensures that the goals established in the design phase are realized during the implementation phase. Some of the services that ICC provides are listed below.


- Masonry restoration:

    • Carving and installation of new replacement units
    • Retooling of salvageable historic stone
    • Casting and installation of cast stone replacements
    • Dismantling, resetting and stabilization
    • Patching and crack filling of stone and terracotta
    • Removal and repointing of failed mortar joints
    • Consolidation treatment
    • Chemical and mechanical cleaning
    • Coating and graffiti removal
    • Paint removal and application
    • Grouting and crack filling

- Specialized general contracting and construction management
- Repair and restoration of windows, decorative metal, woodwork and roofing
- Mock-ups
- Value engineering
- Site review and quality control