153 Prospect Place
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Façade Restoration

ICC restored a painted brownstone in Brooklyn.

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Façade Restoration

• Masonry repair

• Coordination with quarry for fabrication of new stone replacement units

• Installation of cast stone and brownstone as replacement units

Reconstruction of original ornamental elements with compatible patch material

Coordination of casting for selected units

• Coordination of metal restoration

• Coordination of wood restoration

• Rigging for new stoop stone installation

The private rowhouse was originally constructed of portland connecticut brownstone. The façade began to severely deteriorate soon after construction. Additionally, inappropriate repairs, such as an unbreathable paint and portland cement patches were accelerating the decay of the original stonework.

ICC began by removing the paint from the masonry in order to understand the underlying conditions. Due to the severe decay of some units, replacement was required. The client decided to take advantage of the fact that the original quarry was recently re-opened and chose to replace primarily with new stone.

Decorative profile elements above the main entrance door were reconstructed with  patch material. Other elements of the façade and stoop were replaced with cast stone to match the original.

ICC also managed and coordinated specialty firms for the fabrication of the cast stone stoop and bracket fabrication, restoration of the metal stoop railing, wood window frames, and cornice elements.