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Design-Build: Exterior Conservation and Repair

This was a design-build project with ICC and ICR. ICC implemented the conservation recommendations made by ICR.

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• Cleaning limestone with micro-abrasive system

• Chemical consolidation and water repellency of limestone

• Re-pointing of joints

• Application of biocide

• Design of pre-cast mixes

• Mold making and casting of pre-cast replacement units

• Installation of pre-cast replacement units

 This project was design-build in nature. ICR carried out a thorough conditions survey, and laboratory and on-site testing.  Through collaboration with the owner, this culminated with the design of a conservation and stabilization program. ICC was selected to implement this multi-year project.

Today ICC is reaching the end of the conservation of the exterior elevations. Future stone patio waterproofing and reconstruction of garden retaining walls will be carried out. This work will include the installation of appropriate water collection and drainage systems.