Annie Pfieffer Chapel at Florida Southern College
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Conservation services for the restoration of the textile block

ICR provided design services for the restoration of the textile block through site testing, laboratory testing, and mock ups.

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Comprehensive Conservation Services
•  Textile block survey
•  Laboratory testing
•  Site testing
•  Development of repair mixes
•  Paint analysis

A comprehensive conservation investigation was conducted by ICR to determine compatible and effective materials and methods for the conservation and repair of Annie Pfieffer Chapel on the Florida Southern Campus.

A block-by-block survey was completed for the Chapel for an understanding of any cause and effect relationships in the conditions, block construction, and building geometry. This was followed by laboratory testing and petrographic analysis of textile block and grout samples to determine select properties of the materials, develop casting, patching, and crack filling mixes, and design possible patinating and cleaning techniques to address specific conditions. Site testing was also conducted to determine the most compatible and effective cleaning materials and methods. ICR worked with Atkinson-Noland & Associates to determine steel location, continuity, and rate of corrosion. Chloride and depth of carbonation tests were also conducted to test the environment the textile block and grout are providing the steel.

A paint analysis of building elements that are not textile block was conducted to document the stratigraphy of the exterior and interior though the surfaces were not originally coated. Paint removal tests were conducted to determine the best materials and methods for removal for the potential option in the future to restore the historic fabric.