Minnesota State Capitol
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Evaluation of consolidants on Georgian marble

ICR executed lab and field testing to evaluate consolidants for the Georgin marble and developed a maintenance plan for all exterior historic materials.

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Exterior Marble Conservation
• Execution of long-term testing for evaluation of consolidants
   to strengthen exterior Georgia Marble
• Coordination and interpretation of advanced analyses for the
• Development of maintenance manual for all exterior historic

In order to evaluate the use of consolidants to strengthen the Minnesota State Capitol’s exterior Georgia Marble, ICR executed a long-term testing program.  It combined lab testing and field monitoring to yield an understanding of the chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of the stone.  The performance of applied and reapplied consolidants was assessed with regard to the site’s environmental conditions.  Specific tests include: accelerated weathering, petrography, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, spectrophotometric color monitoring, and select physical testing (including modulus of rupture). ICR also authored a maintenance manual for all exterior historic materials.