US Capitol: Paint Analysis
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Paint analysis to 1902 finish scheme

ICR conducted a comprehensive pigment and media investigation at the House of Representatives to identify a 1902 Rakemann finishes scheme using advanced instrumental analysis.

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Pigment and Media Analysis
• Extraction of 365 samples from significant rooms
• Stereo binocular microscopic evaluation of samples
• Compositional analysis via Energy Dispersive Spectrometry
• Lightfield, darkfield, ultraviolet and violet illumination was conducted on cross-sections
• Color matching and chronology to 1902 finish campaign by Joseph Rakemann & Son

A comprehensive paint analysis was conducted at the House of Representatives in select corridors. A specific finish campaign, not the original, was extensively analyzed for pigments and media and matched for colors. The composition of the stratigraphic layers within the samples had to be determined in order to match them with the 1902 pigment and media composition of Rakemann’s finishes. Once the colors were matched, hand mixing pigments and media was conducted with contractors for mock ups.