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Spire Restoration and Repairs

Cathedral of the Incarnation

Working with Jeff Harbinson Architects, the Cathedral of the Incarnation project was design-build by ICR and ICC. ICR developed methods and materials for the conservation of the historic spire. Due to previous interventions and corrosion of the reinforcement, sections of the spire were cracking.


Garden City, Long Island, New York

Architect & Date

John Kellum & Henry G. Harrison, 1871


Jeff Harbinson Architects

Services Provided

Spire Restoration and Repairs:

  • Documentation

  • Installation of shoring system on both interior and exterior

  • Disassembly of top 50 feet of spire including the cross

  • Restoration of select stones

  • Manufacture of cast stone units for select stone replacement

  • Reconstruction of the spire

  • Installation of new interior stainless steel structural support system

  • Installation of new stairs and stainless-steel grid platforms

  • Cleaning of masonry

  • Re-pointing of joints

  • Installation of gilded cross restored by others

  • Coordination of restoration of gilded cross

  • Coordination of installation of fiber optic lighting system

ICC began work by documenting each of the stone units at the top 50 feet of the spire. The spire was then carefully disassembled and the vast majority were reused. The stones to be reused were cleaned and repaired as necessary in the temporary shop set up at the site. The severely deteriorated stones were replaced with cast stone units. Molds of units requiring replacement were made and cast in the site shop with a mix designed by ICC.

The interior of the spire required a new structural support which Old Structures, Inc. designed and ICC implemented. ICC also installed stairs and a stainless-steel grid floor system throughout the spire interior for future access.

The spire was then reconstructed using the original stones as well as the cast replacement units. Lastly, the re-gilded cross was installed at the top of the spire along with the fiber optic lighting system.