ICR - Integrated Conservation Resources, Inc.

Our expertise in all facets of architectural conservation and historic preservation enables us to examine existing conditions, identify problems and their causes, and develop prioritized conservation recommendations, specifications and drawings. ICR conducts conditions assessments, provides detailed documentation, and performs materials testing and analysis both in the laboratory and in the field. ICR can also conduct hands-on repairs on highly specialized projects, and provide training for contractor implementation of conservation crafts, as well as project management and construction administration services.

Building Assessment

  • Conditions Surveys

  • Measured Drawings

  • Probes

  • Non-destructive Evaluation


  • Historic Research

  • HABS level measured drawings, architectural photography

Laboratory Material Testing and Analysis

  • Mortar Analysis

  • Finishes Analysis

  • Weathering Properties

  • Chemical Spot Testing for Pigment and Media Identification

  • Petrographic Analysis

  • Metals Identification and Conditions Analysis

  • Wood Identification and Conditions Analysis

  • Paint Stripping Tests (Chemical and Non-Chemical) on All Surfaces

  • Cleaning Tests (Chemical and Non-Chemical) on All Surfaces

  • Water Absorption Testing

  • Water Vapor Transmission Rate

  • Capillary Take-Up

  • Testing for Performance of Building Materials

  • Identification of Salts and Salt Content

  • Material Composition

  • X-Ray Diffraction Analysis

  • Fluorescence Microscopy

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy

  • Polarized Light Microscopy

  • Mass Spectrometry

Field Testing

  • Cleaning Tests

  • In-Situ Materials Testing

  • Potential Repair Option Field Testing

  • Consolidation Tests

  • Mock Ups

Specification Writing

Construction Documents

Construction Administration

  • Review of submittals and mockups

  • Running project meetings and creating accurate minutes

  • Tracking the construction schedule

  • Review contractor requisitions

  • Review contractor change orders

  • Monitoring

  • Punch List

  • Review Change Order requests

  • Documentation and production of as-built drawings

Project Management

Strategic Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Master Plans

  • Historic Structures Reports

  • Cost Estimating

  • Maintenance Plans