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Exterior Conservation

Gould Mausoleum

Architect H.Q. French of New York designed this Ionic temple mausoleum, reminiscent of the Parthenon, for financier Jason “Jay” Gould. French was the designer of a number of elegant tombs, most of them in the Classical Revival style. A number of members of the Gould family are entombed in the mausoleum including Gould’s wife, Helen, who died in 1889, and a number of their children.


The Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York

Architect & Date

H.Q. French, 1884


The Woodlawn Cemetery

Services Provided

The exterior conservation of the granite exterior of the mausoleum was a design-build project for ICR and ICC.

  • Removal of soiling, staining, efflorescence, biological growth

  • Re-pointing of joints at roof and cornice

  • Tooling of flaking granite

  • Application of biocide

ICR conducted a conservation assessment and historic research and implemented both laboratory and site testing. The information generated from this work lead to the design of a conservation program which ICC implemented.

The entire structure was cleaned with a non-destructive micro-abrasive cleaning system to remove soiling, biological growth, and carbonate crusts.  The existing joints at the roof and cornice were removed and re-pointed with lead wool and lead T caps as appropriate.  Repointing of the joints below the cornice was done with a Type N mortar custom-designed by ICR. Flaking and disaggregating granite was tooled using a bush hammer and appropriate stone carver chisels to bring the granite to sound stone, prevent further loss and create the appropriate surface finish.  An architectural biocide was used to remove any residual biological growth and inhibit new growth.